Command & Control

Command & Control solutions cater to Planning, Decision making and Execution of Operational requirements envisaged by commanders across all levels from lowest to the highest formation. The solutions are based on Military of the Shelf (MOTS) customised applications using GIS and MIS Platforms.

The solutions can be categorised as follows

C4I-War Gaming Solutions.
C2 Solutions for Operations / Intelligence and Logistic planning.
Network Centric/Web GIS based solutions

Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR)

Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance solutions include Imaging, Photogrammetry and GIS based applications, which incorporate the latest data fusion technologies. The solutions are available on Desktop and Web based platforms.

The integration of Ground/Aerial based surveillance sensors along with Military GIS solutions enables the decision makers to effectively analyses the terrain in 3D format, superimpose deployment patterns / Real time Imagery intelligence and ascertain the real time battle situation. These solutions are effective tools to be deployed across Command, Corps and Divisional Headquarters Ops Room with connectivity down to Brigades and Battalions. The solutions are customised for deployment across Navy, Air Force and Para Military Forces.

Image Exploitation

Image Exploitation solutions include:

Image and Radar analysis tools
Support to all types of aerial and Satellite sensors/Formats including GeoTIFF, NITF, CADRG, JPEG, JPEG2000, ECW.

Triangulation and DEM creation
IMINT generation with target identification and change monitoring and Fusion with Military Map Data
Support for optical panchromatic, multispectral and hyper spectral Imagery, Radar, and LiDAR data
OGC® compliant with support to WPS, WMS, WCS and web catalogue services

Critical Infra Protection

Protection of VAs, VPs and Vital installations from External and Internal threats is of paramount importance. The critical infra solutions offered are integration of

Access Control systems
Intrusion and detection Solution
Video sur veillance
Personal Security Applications
Establishment of state of the art control and command centre
Quick Reaction Team management and response system

Border Management

Border management Solutions are cutting edge Desktop and web Based solutions which involve fusion of Raster/Vector Maps, Remote Sensing,
Imaging and Militar y GIS Data.
Customised application Software to provide tools for Terrain evaluation and Operational Planning for Para Military Forces (PMF).