Introduction to Kenya Power

Kenya Power is a national utility that supplies electric power and energy services to customers around Kenya. Furthermore the service is extended through educating the public on energy conservation for a better world. Kenya Power is a limited liability company that is publicly listed at the Nairobi Stock Exchange.

Technical Requirement

Kenya Power is a large company with a key responsibility area of distribution and has its engineering wing who designs distribution network and transmission/distribution structures. With the advancement of technology and availability of software for such designing, need is to look ahead to accept, approve and involve such technology for more précised results and time constraint. Technical staff of Kenya Power realized the importance to move with the advancement and involve software for designing. This need was converted into demand through tendering process. The software required was PLS-CADD/POLE.

ADCC Participation

ADCC International East Africa Ltd. carries a vast experience from its parent company ADCC Infocad Ltd. Expertise of ADCC was into Autodesk and some other software associated to the engineering industry. The floated tender was demanding software which was rarely used and was mainly required by the power companies. Team of ADCC evaluated the market and technical specification expected in the software. It was observed that only one distributor was listed for the sale of software. The technical expertise was also missing on the wider scale. Identifying all such issues it was understood to accept the risk and bid for the tender to establish business relationship with the client by providing best of services. ADCC concluded to participate.

Project Execution

In the execution process it was surfaced that client have mistaken to include some specifications of attachment tools in the software. This was demanded by the client though not in the tendered specification. Process began with coordination and multiple communications to arrive at conclusion. Finally for the satisfaction and client relationship it was agreed to source one license in addition to the non-bided tender cost. ADCC executed this out of the project cost in view to harmonize relationship. Training was done at Johannesburg the only authorized place in Africa for such trainings. The staff of Kenya Power travelled for training period of five days and successfully completed the training program with necessary certification.


Risk was anticipated and accepted in the execution process. The staff of Kenya Power was supportive and that lead to the successful execution and accomplishment of the project. The client was happy with the product and appreciated the prompt responses of ADCC team for the solution.