Introduction to Ministry of Land Reform

Ministry of Land Reform, Directorate of Survey and Mapping, is the Directorate in the Ministry responsible for the acquisition and processing of all aerial photography and imagery.

Directorate of Survey and Mapping is instrumental in preparing various mapping data for national interest. The geospatial dataset are to be utilized for a wide range of application within the overall context of the upgrading of base material through which land development will be achieved.

Technical Requirement

The aim of Namibia Map production of wall map was to provide an updated fundamental dataset at a base scale of 1:1,000,000 covering the entire country. The datasets are to be configured into a multi-purpose database to serve wide-ranging GIS applications and to assist in the implementation of sustainable development.

Project Execution

Project was divided into four main activities such as change detection, field survey, map revision and cartography. Latest satellite imagery and data set was collected from various stake holders. This data was used to identify changes in the mapping data. Field visits were made to cross verify data on certain parameters and new information was also collected. With the use of geospatial tool sets map was updated and field information was integrated into mapping data. This data was passed through stringent quality process along with RCMRD to ensure error less data is delivered to customer. ArcGIS was used for the cartographic map representation of the wall map and a very informative map was presented. This followed with a capacity building for DSM staff, where in staff went through a training process to know about the procedure used in the entire project execution. Printing was the challenge as offset printing is not available globally for larger size. However this was met with a global search of any offset printing company.


Mapping entire country with several feature set was a huge task to achieve and was well executed by the combined efforts from all the teams. Project was completed in record time within the stipulated period and much appreciated by customer and stake holders for map quality and presentation.