• BIM implementation strategies depending on the standards and systems used by an organization. Based on this our team works with you to develop a BIM implementation procedure that suits your processes the best. We give impartial suggestions and recommendations on the tools and software to be used for your projects. We will analyze the value and relevance of implementing Building Information Modeling in your business and help you streamline the entire working process. We provide you with strategic value addition advice and Building Information Modeling execution plans. We handhold your organization through the bottleneck stage of implementation and help you accomplish your BIM goal.
  • The time & cost are reduced and maximum optimization can be done on the project as you can utilize the time saved to focus on your core strengths, satisfy your clients and grow your business.
  • We have a diverse range of project experience from various geographies under our belts which qualifies us for expert Building Information Modeling trainers. We guide companies through the right steps and recommend the best practices. By partnering with us, companies can leverage the advantages of Building Information Modeling and extract the best project outcome.

BIM Execution Planning



  • To successfully implement Building Information Modeling, a project team must perform detailed and comprehensive planning. At Techture, we believe that to ensure maximum returns on your investment this level of planning is crucial.


  • A well-documented BIM Execution Plan will ensure that all parties are clearly aware of the opportunities and responsibilities associated with the incorporation of Building Information Modeling into the project workflow. A complete Building Information Modeling Execution Plan defines the required uses for Building Information Modeling on a project (e.g., design authoring, cost estimating, and design coordination), along with a detailed design and documentation of the process for executing BIM throughout a project’s lifecycle.


  • The goal for developing this structured procedure is to stimulate planning and direct communication by the project team during the early phases of a project. Our experience in diverse project sectors has helped us gauge the different kinds of BEPs that need to be prepared for different kinds of projects and for specific scopes of works.



  • Overview
  • Project Goals/BIM Objectives
  • BIM Price Design
  • BIM and Facility Data Requirements
  • collaboration procedures
  • Technology Infrastructure Need
  • Project Deliverables
  • Model Quality Control Procedure